General Questions

We are looking for a variety of early-stage to seed startups across a breadth of industries. We want to support startups using blockchain technology to attack real-world problems, which can range from counterfeiting to cybersecurity. We’re searching for real-use cases who absolutely need blockchain technology to reach their end goal – if this isn’t the case, they will not be accepted into the programme.

No, we are looking for applications of blockchain technology across multiple sectors. What we are most interested in is whether the use of the technology is needed and that a real business problem is being solved.

No, as long as the founders can relocate to our offices in Kings Cross for 3-6 months then our program is open to startups globally!

We look at startups from pre-MVP through to seed stage. We don’t accept applications from single founders and we are currently not looking at cryptocurrencies (different from tokens to be clear), however we look at blockchain applications across all industries.

We run two cohorts per year, one in the spring and one in the autumn.

We accept six startups per cohort.

StateZero partners with multiple corporate sponsors who understand the true value of working with startups and being part of the ecosystem. It is their sponsorship and support that allows us to offer our current model. As part of the agreement to take part in our programme, the deal offers our startups the chance to receive follow on funding from us later down the line.

Our UK office is based in Kings Cross, London.

There is the offer to stay within our office during our down time between programmes. We do charge for desk space, but of course that’s at a preferential rate to our startups! This would give you great benefit from being around our network and immersed in StateZero for a further few months after you graduate.

Although they would be greatly missed, there is no obligation for a startup to stay within our network after the three month programme.

Once applications close, our team will evaluate and select a shortlist of applicants, who will be notified via F6S. On average 15-20 startups are then invited to our Selection Pitch, which takes place roughly two weeks after the close date. This is their chance to really impress our judging panel with their business model, team and growth strategy. We’ll then whittle this down to our top six, who will hear the great news a few days later.

Tech Questions

Blockchain is a type of database that establishes counter-party trust without a third party. It achieves this by decentralising the database over many computers which is in contrast to other data systems that are hosted on a single machine. Blockchain helps eliminate the political and physical points of failure that can be an issue with existing databases.

Blockchain can be used if you are building a solution where multiple parties need to share data but do not trust one another, and you need to provide logical centralisation and physical decentralisation.

Rather than approaching blockchain as a cryptocurrency, Qadre Core has approached blockchain as a database and not as an end solution or application layer. The infrastructure is designed to be modular, meaning that it tries to facilitate all issues and is not orientated around just one use case. Qadre Core provide the building blocks in order for you to build your product.

Qadre Core is built using Python and was built as a framework for others to build upon. It is used as a toolkit and framework in conjunction with your own code. It does all the heavy lifting so you just worry about your application and where you choose to deploy it.

Currently north of 1000 transactions per second.

Not by default. Qadre Core is optimised for small private networks and for that reason we use a custom algorithm called distributed two phase commit. If you do want to use proof of work you have that option also.

We do not support solidity smart contracts but we have transforms that offer smart contract like behaviour in the sense of supporting custom business logic on the chain.

You will have weekly access to the development team from Qadre Core and be able to book in time with the development team if you need any additional support.

Yes. Date in 2019 to be announced.

As part of our offer we ask startups to sign up to Qadre Core for a minimum of 12 months, however we understand that startups absolutely need to choose the right blockchain framework for their business. Therefore if the technology no longer fits, there is no obligation to keep using our tech after that 12 months.

We do not believe that anything is ever fully decentralised however we provide a level of decentralisation that is suitable for reducing common types of attack on centralised symptoms.

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