On the 15th May 2019, during Mental Health Awareness Week, StateZero Labs are launching the InvestWell Community – a group of investors, accelerators and startup hubs who are collaboratively pledging to change the startup ecosystem’s perspective on mental health.

Why is the InvestWell Community needed?

Together with their partners, weare3sixty and Levell, StateZero Labs have collected data from over 1000 founders, asking them about their mental health and what they believe needs to change. The data reveals some shocking truths concerning the stress-levels of the UK’s business owners and how much more needs to be done to support founders’ mental health.

According to the data, founders across the country are struggling under the enormous weight of running their own businesses. They are feeling isolated, unsupported and endure hectic work schedules which frequently take over personal time – according to one study over 90% of founders are working on the weekends.

The data revealed a clear discordance between founders and their investors. According to weare3sixty’s report, over 76% of founders feel like unrealistic expectations are placed upon them by their investor in terms of growth and requested numbers. This echoes a growing concern in the industry that unrealistic investor metrics are mounting unnecessary target-driven pressures. Further to this, for 63% of founders the potential stigma of mental health worries them in being totally honest with their investors when things get tough. It is data like this that suggests that the responsibility for changing founders’ response to their own mental health lies in the hands of the people with the money – the investors.

The InvestWell Community

As both an accelerator and an investor, StateZero has therefore decided to stand and fight for an atmosphere of acceptance and support in the startup ecosystem. The InvestWell Community will be a group of influential investors, incubators and accelerators who believe that it is their responsibility to protect the wellbeing of the founders that they work with, invest in, and support.

Launching on the evening of the 15th May, The InvestWell Community will meet every quarter to discuss how they can best work together to take the pressure off founders and support them to build their businesses without jeopardising their mental health.

As an industry we are just starting to awaken to the idea of founder wellness, both physically and mentally. Therefore, we are at a pivotal moment to set real precedents for the wellbeing of the founders we choose to support and invest in. Together with our fellow founder-supporters, the InvestWell Community are saying that it is time for change.

If you would like to get involved with the InvestWell Community, we would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – hello@statezerolabs.com


Please find below some of the top stats collated between ourselves, weare3sixty and Levell‘s reports…

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