Deputi, explain your name…

We are called Deputi because that’s what we are – we are you Deputi, your #2. Deputi is for Founders, CEO’s, heads of Ops, who don’t have a #2. Deputi is there for you 24/7 Answering your questions, everything at your fingertips, reminders for all your ‘to-do’s’ – so you never miss a deadline or a renewal date, as well as connecting to your other business apps.

As your Deputi we are cutting down the time and frustration that you need to spend doing business critical admin, so you have more time to be your most creative, effective and strategic.

Our objective is to make every minute of every working day meaningful!

Rather hilariously you have been overheard saying that the COO role is a ‘Shovel-sh*t role’. Could you please expand on what you mean by this?

Whoever in your business has to take on and manage the business critical admin, is the ‘de facto’ COO. Even COO’s need a Deputi so that all the ‘tedious and boring’ stuff gets done quicker and they can focus on the interesting things.

Who are Deputi’s users? What do they look like?

Deputi is for CEO’s, Founders, owner-managers, Heads of Operations, the person who is made responsible for business critical admin. Deputi is for Companies who use technology to be more efficient and to make their business life easier. Businesses that use Deputi will be giving themselves the chance to grow faster.

Why did you decide to target smaller business owners, rather than tackle the big corporates?

There are 100 x as many of them and their need is greater. Smaller business owners are the ones who feel the pain, of business critical admin, the greatest. They can’t afford or justify paying someone to do this stuff and therefore have to take time away from building their businesses. Deputi makes sure they don’t miss anything, when it’s not their areas of expertise.

We want to help the businesses that need a Deputi the most and those who want to become bigger, faster. Large corporates have shown an interest in what we are doing, but the time line to convert larger companies is much longer, plus they often want to customise the solution just for them.

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How did you realise that there was a need for Deputi? Did that come from your own experiences working as business owners?

We have been there, it has been our jobs. We have built careers on making sure that businesses run effectively and are in control and making the best decisions. We’ve been put on the spot by important people with questions, wanting updates and reports on the health of the business.  We have also run our own businesses and know how easy it is for business critical admin to be put to the bottom of the pile in terms of priorities. As a consultants and interim COO’s, every client we have worked with has expressed a need for a Deputi.

Individually you have an impressive track record of working with both smaller companies and larger corporates. Do you think that your breadth of experience in those different areas has helped you form Deputi?

It has definitely helped us in understanding the pain we are solving. We have been able to use our networks to validate this pain and to evolve Deputi into the solution we are offering today. We have also seen how to take an App enabled Technology business from conception through to sale to a FTSE250 company. An interesting journey…

Deputi applies both AI and blockchain in very specific ways. Can you explain why it is important that you have done this, rather than using one technology as a blanket-solution?

Deputi uses AI and blockchain for two very distinct area of our solution.

The Deputi AI provides businesses the insight that they need, to act upon the actions relating to business critical admin. The AI enables advanced learning, understanding and classification of documents; delivers tasks and actions – business next steps; and intelligent notifications and alerts. In addition, Deputi provides advice to its customers through enhanced learning about their businesses.

Blockchain underpins the Corporate Memory which every company has. It ensures immutability so that business decisions and documents can be audited and are transparently traceable.

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In what way is Deputi using blockchain technology? How is it providing a very specific solution?

Deputi provides a business with its Corporate Memory, using Blockchain to ensure immutability, so that business decisions and documents can be audited and are transparently traceable. Sensitive information is securely stored and encrypted. A business can own and maintain its own information through a distributed architecture and share information outside its organisation at a granular level.

As we all know, both ‘AI’ and ‘Blockchain’ have become this year’s tech buzzwords. How do you respond to the huge amount of fear-mongering surrounding AI and its use in business? How would you respond to someone’s fears of it replacing human employment? is satisfying a very specific need for companies where productivity is important, have limited resources, funds and expertise of business admin. Deputi will guide them, giving insights that they wouldn’t otherwise get, about what is going on within their businesses.

It is a value-add solution and is not replacing existing people.

Are the rumours true? Has the Deputi family extended to include a small cute furry canine?

Ruby joined the team on Sunday –  chasing ‘leads’ and ramping up our social media @deputi_dog


Deputi provides an aid to business owners who have a never ending to do list. What are the jobs that always end up on the bottom of your to do list?

The things I’m doing for the first time – knowledge and expertise is powerful and we want to use our experience to help others. Deputi will move those things from MUST do to JUST Done!

When I have to go at find the information to answer the question. I want information immediately available, so the problem goes away quickly. 

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