In a world dominated by new technologies and a belief by many that many of our jobs and processes will soon be replaced by some form of robotics, it would appear that the gap between Humanity and Tech is widening. It is more important than ever therefore that we bridge this developing chasm between the two.

In recent years the internet has transformed the way that society is able to communicate, leading to global knowledge sharing enabling a new world of globalisation. Yet, over the last few years we’ve seen large corporations using new technologies, abusing their corporate dominance and power to harvest personal data with the aim to increase profits and sales, with capitalism the engine driver.

At StateZero, we don’t believe this is right. We believe that new technologies can not only bring financial gains but can also solve global problems, create social impact and benefit us as a society. We believe that technology can be used to harness creativity, not just to collect personal data.  As a society we should stop using technology to optimise people for market gain, and instead start using it to build a future centered on pre-digital values of human connection. Deciding the future is our own prerogative, not the technologies.

As an accelerator, we invest in people’s potential and as a blockchain lab we believe in using advanced technology to solve real-world problems. We only work with startups who are solution-led. This means that they are putting humans back at the centre of the technology, solving problems across the globe by using blockchain technology.

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