Before founding StateZero Labs with her Co-founder Katie Mills, Tazz has spent her career in the marketing sector across multiple verticals including e-commerce, design, adtech and finance. She has been on the founding team of 3 startups and has recently been at the forefront of Collider, a European Martech accelerator.

Originally a journalist Tazz has a unique insight into the relationship between humanity and technology. Coming from a ‘non-tech’ background, she understands the barriers to entry which prevent people without a STEM background entering into the tech world and, as a result, is a strong advocate for diversity of all kinds in this space. Here she discusses her personal journey into tech, what she’s learnt along the way and sheds light on what she spends all of her spare time doing 🥑 🍣 🥗 🍒….

Why does StateZero advocate the use of blockchain technology?

‘….we could really see the benefit of this technology but only when it’s used in the right use-cases and so it made sense for us to be one of the first that would actually focus on blockchain for business-sense, not just for the sake of it’

Find out about Tazz’s first introduction to blockchain and how it inspired her to start an accelerator committed to using this technology for good…🌎 🍃 ⭐️

Another part of StateZero’s messaging is bridging the gap between humanity and tech…

‘We are fundamentally an accelerator, which means that we believe in people’s potential…humans matter, we buy and sell from people, and if there’s anything we can teach our startups it’s to remember that part’ 

Here we learn about StateZero’s belief that ‘humans matter’ and why the startup ecosystem needs reminding 🤖 🧬👫…