Last night StateZero Labs launched their first cohort; seven startups using blockchain beyond cryptocurrency. The much anticipated event was filled with our network of partners, collaborators and investors. As well as this, the CEO of TechUK, Julian David was there to give an address.

The evening’s focus was on ‘Humanity in Tech’ and StateZero’s commitment to ‘bridging the gap’ by proving that sophisticated tech can be used for good. Each startup was introduced and given the opportunity to explain their unique use-case for blockchain. Following this, the startups shared the way in which their platforms are providing solutions to problems that are affecting people across the globe.


The First Marketplace Dedicated to the Art of Remixing

Remixology is the world’s first marketplace creating a balanced market between key stakeholders involved in the art of remixing music. Remixology aims to be the leading global marketplace for commissioning remixes. As well as this, the major platform for derivatives of copyrighted media. By leveraging best-in-class blockchain technology, Remixology are providing a solution that works for the new music economy.

Check out their website, twitter, Linkedin, facebook and Medium.

Super Global

The Tech Copilot for Impact Organisations

Super Global is the platform for accelerating impact tech solutions. Using blockchain, Super Global uses impact tech to attack the most pressing social and environmental challenges. Describing itself as “the tech copilot for impact organisations”, the startup provides a way of helping develop digital solutions. Super Global then partner companies with the right people in the process.

Check out their website, twitter, Linkedin, facebook and Medium.


Re-inventing Construction for a Sustainable Future

The Ehab platform is a process management tool for the construction industry. Allowing the efficient management of the entire lifecycle of a build, Ehab’s focus is centred around sustainability. As a result, Ehab are set on using blockchain to build a better future. They believe in using blockchain to achieve a more human-focused, more equitable and more accessible world.

Check out their website, twitter, Linkedin, facebook and Medium.


Digitalizing Global Trade with Blockchain Technology

eTEU is developing a digital solution for the freight shipping industry. Their product aims to connect all members of the supply chain to a decentralised network. This is something which would significantly benefit the currently analogue industry of shipping. Smart contracts will transform global trade by streamlining the shipping process. Moreover, it will allow a significant decrease in time spent on the documentation management and administrative expenses.

Check out their website, twitter, Linkedin.


Your Business Companion

Deputi helps CEOs and owner / managers to grow their business by automating day to day operational tasks. Consequently decreasing costs and increasing efficiency. Using blockchain, Deputi will allow business owners to improve their productivity by providing a single solution to the jobs that end up at the bottom of a to-do list!

Check out their website, Linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram

Josh Graham, CEO of Ehab
Julian David, CEO of Tech UK giving his address


Helping Good Business to Resonate

resonate assists individuals to understand more about the impact of their day to day positive actions. It does this by helping them form long lasting positive habits. Secondly the platform empowers them to multiply their good by giving them access to their own personal impact data. In recognition of their actions, resonate assigns a proportional token value to the individuals impact track record. The platform enables businesses to buy these tokens in exchange for charitable donations to be made on users behalf.

Check out their website, twitter, Linkedin


The Fund Management Network

Bringing fund management into the 21st Century with the Transfer Agency Network, Tokenblocks will reduce operational costs by up to 30% by managing all fund data across service providers on a single enterprise-friendly blockchain framework.

Check out their website, Linkedin

If you would like to learn more about our startups then do not hesitate to get in touch. Moreover, if you have an idea for a business using blockchain, apply to our next cohort here.