Running a Blockchain accelerator we are constantly meeting awesome start-ups that are using the technology to build great solutions to real-world problems and we think Blockchain as a tool is likely to have positive impact on our society over the next 100 years. However, outside of the Blockchain landscape we understand that there are also people building some really exciting products, businesses and solutions. We thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some of these undiscovered projects. Those that make you think “wow, I did not know that was possible.”

Setting up the podcast we knew that we wanted to focus on speaking to people in emerging technology. Companies that are building products we’ve never heard of, tackling the UN’s Sustainable development goals. Creating things that will tackle the world’s global problems such as food and the global energy crisis. At StateZero we focus on debunking myths surrounding blockchain. Understanding that it’s more than just crypto and anyone focusing on blockchain for business sense has a big task on their hands to myth bust, and fast and we therefore set out to speak to people and companies that are building super interesting technological solutions and debunk myths surrounding them.

Looking at tomorrow’s tech, today, we set out to find technology start-ups and businesses that perhaps you’ve not heard or know much about to shed light on them. So we could understand how the technology works in an engaging, interesting manner. Each episode will focus on a different emerging technology, understand it’s impacts, debunk myths and gain insight on the technology in question to see how it could affect our lives.

How to listen:

Starting with visiting an underground urban farm, we have a number of exciting episodes we’re excited to share every fortnight. It’ll be on all major podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify.  The full video interview will be available on YouTube.

We hope you enjoy discovering and learning about new emerging technologies. Please feel free to suggest any companies, people or places we should visit or chat to.



Watch the full interview below.