Tomorrow we open our doors to our first cohort of seven startups!

This marks the beginning of an exciting journey during which we hope to bridge the gap between humanity and technology. Whilst that’s a pretty big claim, we don’t intend to do it alone…

Starting tomorrow we are building a network of startups who are attacking real-world problems with solution-led blockchain technology. We are providing these startups with an intensive three month programme. As well as this we are funding them with £50,000 – equity-free. Why are we doing this? Because we champion emerging technology for human benefit. Further to this, we believe in the potential of founders to fulfil this goal.

StateOne – Our First Cohort

Our programme will run twice a year. It will include six startups ranging from early stage to pre-MVP. It is important that each cohort spans across a range of industries, therefore demonstrating the huge potential of blockchain technology.

Beginning tomorrow, our first cohort, ‘StateOne’, launches with six incredible startups. Their individual blockchain use-cases affirm how technology is going to shape our future in a positive way.  We are sworn to secrecy until the big reveal on February 1st, but for now we would like to share their mission as well as the ground-breaking ways that they are using blockchain for good…


This startup enables a seamless process when developing, funding and realising breakthrough tech solutions to the world’s most pressing social & environmental challenges.


This application is the world’s first marketplace for creating a balanced market offering parity between key stakeholders involved in the art and commerce of remixing music.


This platform assists individuals to understand more about the impact of their positive day to day actions, helping them form long-lasting habits and empowering them to multiply their good by giving them access to their own personal impact data.

Corporate Organisation

This application helps CEOs and owner/ managers grow their business by automating day to day operational tasks; reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Fund Management

This startup brings fund management into the 21st century with its own transfer agency network, reducing operational costs by up to 30% and managing all fund data across all service providers on a single enterprise friendly distributed ledger.

Sustainable Housing

This startup aims to disrupt the housing sector by building a process management tool that ensures sustainable and efficient operation of complete construction projects; from inception, to design and execution.

Stay Tuned

Throughout the next three months we’ll be keeping you updated with exciting news from all six startups. Above all, we will be exploring how their use of blockchain technology is reigniting the relationship between humanity and tech. #humanityintech

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