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Our Vision

A future where the foundations for building blockchain business are solid, the barriers are zero and the value is distributed.


StateZero is the world’s first dedicated blockchain lab for startups. We resolutely believe that the startup industry is the on the brink of a revolution. In our opinion, something has to change, and we, along with the help of others, are going to be the ones to change it.

With a breadth of experience in the startup industry our team have grown tired of inequality, extreme pressure and the high-barriers to entry that plague the startup space. With the help of our blockchain partners, we have applied this experience to the creation of StateZero – the world’s first dedicated blockchain lab for startups who prioritise diversity and founder wellness whilst championing disruption in the tech space.

Our mission to achieve real inclusion in this space is why we are giving away 50k equity free. We are tired of just talking about inequality and diversity, or the lack thereof in the startup ecosystem. As a result, we want to begin kicking this echo chamber into action – our founders can use the 50k on whatever is needed, lowering the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs who may not be able to rely on personal finance in the early stages of their business. State Zero is therefore a mindset, a space, a platform and an ecosystem that gives everybody a fair shot at their moonshot.

“We’re committed to changing the face of early stage investing by putting startup founders first. We’re giving away £50,000 with absolutely no strings attached, so our founders can focus on building world-beating solutions for the future.” - Tazz Gault, Co-Founder StateZero Labs.


StateZero’s purpose is to arm founders with the capital, capability, connections and community to build meaningful companies with global impact.

Recent media coverage has sparked unprecedented hype surrounding blockchain technology. Here at StateZero we don’t believe that blockchain is going to save the world. We are dedicated to calling out the bullshit, in order to increase education on this subject.  We are not interested in cryptocurrencies, the volatility of which is too often wrongly associated with the technology behind it. In our opinion, blockchain is simply a technology that establishes counter-party trust without the third party using cryptographic identity. It is not going to establish world peace and it certainly is not the right technology for every startup!

“We’re not looking for ideas revolving around cryptocurrencies, but for people with ideas to tackle real problems. Whether it’s creating transparency in the supply chain to ensure medicines or luxury goods are genuine or combatting the devastating impact of fast fashion by ensuring the provenance of ethically sourced materials, we want to hear from you.” - Katie Mills, Co-founder StateZero Labs

Our Technology

And at the very core of our programme is our proprietary, proven framework to build production-ready blockchain systems for practical application. StateZero’s Blockchain framework is a simple, modular technology written in Python, a battle-tested technology with 25 years of development. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, our framework is built as a database first, not a cryptocurrency. It is therefore easy to build applications on, without having to learn complicated, application-specific technologies like Solidity. Instead, Python’s diverse ecosystem of modules will enable you to quickly and efficiently solve business problems.

Learn More

For more information about StateZero Labs please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always expanding our network and keen to hear from innovators with potential blockchain use-cases. Please email We’d love to chat and invite to our Kings Cross offices in London for a chat.